Dr. Kimberley O’Brien, ND

Health & Wellness Professional Speaker

Dr. Kimberley O’Brien is a skilled professional speaker and an empowering educator. She is passionate about natural health, nutrition and self-development, which is evidenced by her enthusiasm while delivering seminars and workshops. Through a personable yet straightforward approach, Dr. Kimberley educates and empowers her audience to own their health and live a life they love!

Dr. Kimberley is a graduate of the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers “Fast Track to Professional Speaking Program” and has worked with clients including the Food Bloggers of Canada, Kootenay Co-op, Mountain Trek Retreat and the City of Calgary. She is driven to continue with her own learning and personal growth and has trained with leaders in the personal development industry, including Jack Canfield and Brendon Burchard.

Dr.Kimberley O'Brien, ND

Dr. Kimberley speaks on a wide-range of health topics, including but not limited to the following:

  • Food Fuels or Fools –  Personalize your Diet to Transform your Health and Energy!  Dr. Kimberley teaches you how to maximize your health and energy with the use of personalized nutrition. You’ll also discover whether some of the “healthy” foods you’re eating as part of your everyday diet may be causing your fatigue, bloating, pain and hormonal imbalances.
  • Happy, Healthy Hormones!  Weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, bloating and debilitating hot flashes?  Learn how hormone imbalances might be causing your health concerns and simple ways to bring your body back into balance.
  • Tired yet Wired, to Energetic and Inspired!  Foggy brain, fatigue, decreased productivity and cravings for caffeine and sugar…Does this sound familiar?  Dr. Kimberley discusses how to fuel your body and mind for sustained energy and mental clarity throughout the day.

As a professional speaker, Dr. Kimberley tailors her seminars to ensure that they are highly relevant to individual groups and their unique concerns. She is happy to speak to both small and large gatherings from a wide variety of backgrounds including school districts, professional associations, corporate employees, health and wellness groups, support groups, teams and clubs, small businesses and private events.

Dr. Kimberley can provide talks and seminars to fit within your time allotment, and can also design interactive workshops and retreat programs to suit your needs.

Testimonials from the Audience

“Extremely knowledgeable, very informative and able to communicate using plain language. Best nutrition workshop I’ve attended!”
Tina Brillantes – Team Lead at City of Calgary

“Dynamic, passionate and informative!”
Connie Cook – Engagement Strategist at Communicating Wiseley Ltd.

“Full of practical information to improve a person’s daily diet. Fantastic presentation!”
Leanne Schiavetta – Youth probation officer at City of Calgary

“I really appreciated how practical yet informative this session was.  Dr. Kimberley was very personable and this was a fabulous showcase of her expertise!”
Ashley Ronnell – Recreation Program Specialist at City of Calgary

“Informed, professional, confident, clear and able to make complex ideas easy to understand.”
Byrad Yelland – Social Scientist and Consultant at Mount Royal University

“I learned a lot about what I am putting into my body and how to read labels.  She showed how sugar is in everything!”
Ashley Thiessen – Admin Support at City of Calgary

“Heath focused speaker with deep knowledge about nutrition, food sensitivities and what to do about it!”
Patricia Morgan – Author, keynote speaker and workshop leader at Solutions for Resilience

“Articulate Speaker and relevant, easily-adaptable information.”
Iris Li – NBHD partership coordinator at City of Calgary

“Very informative and “real”.  I really appreciated your detailed and scientific responses that you translated into simple to understand terms.”
Robyn Donald – Business change specialist at City of Calgary

“Passionate and enthusiastic.  Good command of the stage!”
Palmo Carpino – Professional speaker at From Pen to Platform

“Informative, lively, audience captivating speaker!”
Lorrie Macpherson – Admin Assistant at City of Calgary

“Informative and well-spoken with practical tips and examples.”
Jamie Porter – Probation Officer at City of Calgary

Testimonials from Event Organizers

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference – October 2016

“Dr. Kimberley O’Brien was a workshop leader at our annual Food Bloggers of Canada Conference in 2016.  We enjoyed working with her tremendously – she was thorough in her preparation and took the time to understand our event and our audience so she could be fully prepared and provide them the best experience possible, including access to her slides, handouts and willingness to answer questions.
Our attendees loved her presentation and we received very positive feedback from them post-conference.  On top of all that, Kimberley was always pleasant to work with and we hope to work with her again in the future!”

Melissa Hartfiel – Co-founder and Managing Director
Food Bloggers of Canada

City of Calgary – Learning at Work Week May 2016 

“Dr. Kimberley was a presenter at a recent Learning Event within our organization. Dr. Kimberley delivered an outstanding presentation that captured the interest of the audience instantly. Her knowledge of the subject matter is apparent and her delivery was authentic and concise. Working with Dr. Kimberley leading up to the presentation she took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for and tailored the presentation to meet our learning outcomes.

Dr. Kimberley has amazing energy and passion and a great sense of humour and has a very relevant and inspirational message to share. She is always professional, full of energy and an absolute pleasure to work with. She was an inspiration both to work with and learn from and her energy was contagious. If that is the result of eating all of those cruciferous vegetables, she can consider me a convert!”

Pam Taylor – Partnership Coordinator
City of Calgary

Sample video of Dr. Kimberley speaking at the Canadian Association of Professional Speakers Event

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