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How to Create your Own Healthy Life Redesign! Episode 001

Dr. Kimberley O'BrienPodcast

Discover how to create a vision for your life and health that inspires you and draws you forward towards your goals!


  • Why I started the Healthy Life Redesign Podcast and what the show is all about!
  • What a “Healthy Life Redesign” is, and how to create your own.
  • What it means if you’re currently feeling “stuck” and what you need to do to move forward and create initial momentum.
  • How your jealousy and envy can help you to gain clarity.
  • Why health has become such a priority for me in my own life.
  • How to create a vision for your life and health that inspires you and draws you forward towards your goals.
  • Why you shouldn’t initially focus on “how” you’ll achieve your goals.

  • How to do an inventory of your satisfaction in various aspects of your life, including your relationships (significant other, family and friends), body and health, fun and recreation, career, finances and spirituality.
  • How discovering the “why” behind your vision will help to pull you out of the struggle and draw you forward towards your goals.
  • How small changes add up to create massive transformations in your life and health!


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About Dr. Kimberley O’Brien:

Hi! I’m Dr. Kimberley O’Brien.  As a naturopathic doctor I help you to transform your health and boost your energy with nutrition, natural medicine and neuroscience!   I live and practice in beautiful Nelson, British Columbia, where my focus is to help people overcome digestive concerns, fatigue and hormone imbalances by teaching them to identify and treat the root cause of their symptoms.

In addition to my practice I am a professional speaker and I also serve as the naturopathic doctor at Mountain Trek, an internationally acclaimed and award-winning health and fitness retreat in Ainsworth, BC.  

Dr. Kimberley O'Brien, Naturopathic Doctor Nelson BC

As the creator of the Healthy Life Redesign blog and podcast, as well as my online program called the Elimination Diet Meal Plan, I’ve helped thousands of people worldwide to resolve chronic symptoms like headaches, bloating, fatigue, IBS and eczema by identifying their food sensitivities and refueling their bodies with deliciously nutritious meals.  

A healthy body provides us with the energy to live an adventurous life and the ability to do all of the things we love, which is why taking prioritizing my own health and fitness is so important to me! Outside of my naturopathic practice you’ll find me exploring the outdoors, gardening, travelling and taking in all of the beauty and adventures that the breathtaking Kootenay region of British Columbia has to offer!  Follow me on Facebook and Instagram to join me on my adventures and make sure to subscribe to the Healthy Life Redesign Podcast so you don’t miss a beat!


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