6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person

6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person – Episode 007

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6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person


  • How-to boost your motivation to get yourself out of bed and become a morning person!
  • How cortisol affects your morning energy levels and why adrenal fatigue can make waking up early more challenging.
  • How-to support your body and wake-up from the right stage of sleep so that you don’t feel groggy!
  • How to prevent yourself from hitting the snooze button so that you can get up and enjoy your morning!


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6 Steps to Becoming a Morning Person:

  1. Identify your “Why” – what is the purpose and intention you have for waking up early?
  2. Calculate your hours of sleep, and ensure you’re getting enough!
  3. Keep your bedtime and wake-up time as consistent as possible – ideally within a 1-hour window.
  4. Wake yourself up gradually with a light alarm clock, which mimics the sun.
  5. Keep your regular alarm clock outside of your room to avoid hitting snooze.
  6. Leave yourself a glass of water next to your alarm clock to drink as soon as you wake up, in addition to your running shoes, a book, the teapot or whatever you need to enjoy the first part of your morning!


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