Interview with Crystal Phillips

Overcoming Autoimmune Disease with Nutrition & Natural Medicine – Episode 010 with Crystal Phillips

Dr. Kimberley O'Brien Podcast

Crystal Phillips Interview on the Healthy Life Redesign Podcast


  • How a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis (MS) at age 19 impacted Crystal Phillips in her quest for an Olympic gold medal in speed-skating.
  • Why Crystal feels that it was to her advantage to be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis so early on in life.
  • How Crystal started to incorporate nutrition and natural medicine into her treatment plan and why she eventually chose this treatment route exclusively while forgoing drug-therapy.
  • Why Crystal decided to start the Branch Out Foundation to fund research into complementary and alternative modalities of treatment for neurological disorders.
  • The 3 categories of health habits that Crystal focused on during her healing and recovery from MS.
  • The nutritional practices that Crystal follows now to maintain her health and how she achieves balance.
  • How Crystal utilizes visualization to support her health and to create a life she loves.


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Crystal Phillips, former national-level speed skater and founder of the Branch Out Foundation, shares how she reclaimed her health after a diagnosis with sudden and progressive multiple sclerosis.

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About Crystal Phillips:

Crystal Phillips is a former national level speed skater and Executive Director of the Branch Out Neurological Foundation, a charity she co-founded in 2010 to accelerate innovative technologies and non pharmaceutical approaches for neurological disorders. The Branch Out Foundation has raised over 2 Million dollars and funds top neuroscientists across Western Canada. It has has become a catalyst for change in neuro health care and is on track to be a global hub for non-pharmaceutical neuroscience. 

Crystal’s leadership consulting and nutrition background has given her opportunities to work with professional and amateur athletes including the Pittsburgh Penguins, the LA Kings, Olympic Medalists as well as world class neuroscientists and business executives.

Crystal was recently named one of 18 Canadian change makers by CBC Canada, she made the Top 30 Under 30 by Explore Magazine in 2012 and Top 40 Under 40 by Avenue Magazine in 2016. When not moving mountains with the Branch Out Foundation, she’s climbing them in the Canadian Rockies with her dog named Bear.

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