Be True to the Real You - How would you live if no one was watching?

Be True to the Real You

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Forest and canoe

The past few weeks I’ve been paying more attention to what I want most in my life. I’ve been reflecting more on how I want to feel than simply what it is I want to do or accomplish. I’ve been pondering what truly makes me tick and the kind of life I would live if no one else was watching.

Through this process I’ve found myself revisiting the dreams and passions I had as a kid. I loved animals, nature and exploration. I could sit down with a good book for hours, dreaming about the big world and how much I couldn’t wait to explore it!

Isn’t it ironic that so many of us struggle to find our passion when it would so easily find us when we were kids? We would simply do whatever brought us the most joy! Running through fields, playing barefoot in the dirt, building a fort, painting or colouring, singing songs and expressing ourselves fully.

I think we inherently know what we desire from life but these dreams are often so simple we start to believe that surely we must need to strive for more.

As a kid I dreamed of sunny summer days, camping next to a mountain lake with my nose buried in a book, adopting a furry canine friend and pursuing never-ending adventure.

Think back to what you were like as a child. How did you fill your time and what activities lit you up inside? Were you artsy or outdoorsy? Did you dance or play sports? Maybe you loved jumping in puddles (what kid doesn’t) and were simply thrilled doing anything allowing you to be outside.

How closely does this resemble how you spend your day-to-day adult life?

How much play is there in your life?

How often do you feel you can simply BE instead of DO?

I’m committed to allowing for more nature and play in my life. I took action on this last night and booked a short trip to the mountains to celebrate my upcoming birthday in April. We booked a beautiful but simple cabin in the woods near Nelson, BC and I can’t wait to be surrounded by lush green forests, babbling streams, wild animals and nature at it’s finest!

What I’m dreaming of now parallels the dreams I held in my childhood. I’m dreaming of breathing in the cool mountain air, relaxing in the natural hot springs and reading a novel on the sunny cabin patio with a cup of Nelson’s finest coffee. My intention to be true to the real me will allow me to transform more of those dreams to reality in my day-to-day life.

I encourage you to reflect back on your own childhood – what dreams did you have for your life and how did you spend your time as a kid? What did you love to do? My hope is that you’ll give yourself permission to indulge in these activities as an adult.

Perhaps you’ve been dreaming of taking an art class, going camping, planting a garden or taking a trip to the ocean. Maybe right now your dream is as simple as reading a good book, reconnecting with friends over coffee or starting a daily journal.

I encourage you to commit to do one thing this week to bring you closer to your own inner dreams and hope you’ll share with me in the comments below!

I’ll be sharing photos and stories of my trip in April and hope you’ll check back for my updates! Make sure to sign up for my newsletter and follow my social media pages so you don’t miss a beat.

Live your dream, however simple it may seem. Be true to the real you!

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  1. Thank you for this reminder. We can get so caught up in what should instead of what really matters.
    Something that I have started doing is watching more tv. That sounds terrible and lazy on the surface but I love tv. I love dramas and it makes me happy.

    Now I carve out time each evening that I possibly can.

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